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for Windows and Windows emulations
Version 1.0
Archive [*.zip; 109 K]

And Zeichen is simple to use:
The application looks like this...
Pic. 1: The application Zeichen

a) For often used signs there's a button. Press the individual button to add the sign to the statusbar at the bottom of the Zeichen window.

b) There's another button combined with a number field to choose any existing letter.

c) If you choose the paste command in other programs, the text of the Zeichen statusbar will be pasted.

d) To delete the text in the statusbar, press the trash button.

e) To quit Zeichen, press the button with the red arrow.

Zeichen is "Freeware", give it to everybody!

Mail to cecker[at]3pc.de.
Feel free to thank me!