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for Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP
Version 1.0
Archive with exe, Example-INI and help [*.zip; 210 K]

What does Installation Tester do?

Installation Tester tests Software on being installed completely. After testing Installation Tester opens dialogs, starts Software and/or opens web pages.

Which purpose is Installation Tester for?

Installation tester is for auto starting software, f.e. on CDs: If the basics for the software aren't given, Installation Tester starts Download web pages to give the user the possibility to install necessary components. If everything is OK, Installation Tester opens the software. But there are several other ideas, how to use Installation Tester.

What are the principles of Installation Tester?

Installation Tester searches in the windows registry for special keys and values. If file system pathes are stored in the registry value, Installation Tester looks for the specified files and folders. If other values are stored, Installation Tester compares them to specified values. Installation Tester uses an INI file to get all the keys, values and operators to do the searching and comparing. This INI file will be changed individually.

Differences between the versions

Full version

Unregistered version

Feel free to send me to cecker[at]3pc.de critics or ideas to improve the software.

Many thanks!

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